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User Testimonials

Musicians across the globe are saying great things about StudioTraxx!

"Until now I was only able to play on projects that had bigger budgets to fly me to their studio. I am excited to participate in a paradigm shift in recording that allows everyone access to my services."
Kevin Cadogan, Guitarist & Songwriter for Third Eye Blind
California, USA

"What's exciting about StudioTraxx is it extends my services from a small demographic to the world-wide ocean of songwriters!  My first experience has been a very good one.  I believe this is absolutely the best thing to happen to songwriters EVER! "
Pershing Wells, Music Producer, Digital Sac-a'-Lait Productions
Louisiana, USA

"The tools to collaborate with musicians all over the world are in our hands and brings it all together.  I had a great experience working with and I look forward to more projects in the future."
Curtis Fornadley, Guitarist
California, USA

"With 3/4 of the guitar tracks on my debut album coming from StudioTraxx I just can't say enough about what a great service they provide. I was able to access some of the most capable and professional musicians I've ever worked with from across an entire continent! Since your music is like your baby it's very scary to go out on the world wide web to collaborate. StudioTraxx provides the people and tools that make that easy and safe by creating a professional environment for "remote creativity" to flourish."
Thomas More, Songwriter/Artist/Producer
Texas, USA

"They assigned me to a great mastering engineer who produced an excellent result in a really short turnaround, and was happy to make several versions until I was happy with it. It was really nice to have a fresh ear on the song, and the whole process was unusually stress-free and serendipitous. I would definitely look here again to find industry professionals to collaborate with."
Annalie Wilson, Vocalist/Songwriter
London, Great Britain

"Working for StudioTraxx is a piece of cake.  I get a message asking me to do some work.  If I want the work, I accept, lay down my tracks at my home studio, upload them, and get paid.  Simple as that!"
Dan Perez, Saxophone Player
New Jersey, USA

"Studiotraxx is a splendid idea. I can do maybe 3 sessions in my pyjamas, before Ive even brushed my teeth! I can pick and choose work that I want to do and do it in my own time - more relaxed and achieving better results than in a studio, working against the clock. I can also have tracks recorded for my own projects at a budget that suits me. Top drawer!"
Richard Murray, Multi-Instrumentalist/Producer/Songwriter
London, Great Britain

"Hands down this is the most comprehensive service dedicated to the organization of online music collaborations. The artist and musicians involved with are professional and dedicated to providing quality work. I will be using for many of my future projects!"
Courtney Baynes, Music Producer, Affinity Entertainment
New York City, USA

"The thing that has been missing is an organization like StudioTraxx with the right business model to help musicians like myself break through and achieve some financial success by recording in their own studios and flying the tracks out to paying clients."
Bob Johnson, Saxophonist, The FunkDawgs
Ontario, Canada

"I think working with StudioTraxx has been a great thing for my cd project. It surely simplifies a lot of aspects that I need accomplished within my production company. StudioTraxx will be a major part in my future productions and I will utilize them even more in the future."
Donald Williams, Songwriter/Producer, Street Production Enterprises
Colorado, USA 

"StudioTraxx has proven to be a reputable mediary, enabling me to broaden my reach as a session vocalist. With great customer support and personal attention to detail, StudioTraxx has been a valuable asset to my business."
JoLynn Seaman, Vocalist, Sound Success Inc.
Kansas, USA

"I uploaded my bare bones song to the StudioTraxx website and then had the privilege of picking my very own drummer based on talent and price. It only took a few passes to get the drums just right. The drummer delivered the drum tracks to me through the internet and I have already put them into my project. I will be bidding again soon on StudioTraxx!"
Brian Hindman, Songwriter/Producer
Texas, USA

"In my professional view, the StudioTraxx web portal for online musicians is a long overdue concept that should be seriously looked at by musicians of any genre or style. I highly recommend the service to any serious musician looking to grow their business on an international scale."
Mike Puskas, Songwriter/Producer, Astral Records CEO
Melbourne, Australia

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