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Find, Hire, Collaborate
StudioTraxx provides instant access to a vast global network of musicians-for-hire that are ready to work and collaborate via the web. StudioTraxx aims to reduce recording costs while increasing song quality.

Private collaboration areas are also available to those who don't need to find and hire musicians but simply need an efficient way to manage files across partners.
Online Music Marketing
Use StudioTraxx marketing packages to get thousands of likes on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more! You've recorded some great new songs. Now the question is - what to do next?!?!?
Featured Musicians
Bashiri Johnson
United States

Tony Aliperti
United States

Guitar - Electric Rhythm
Guitar - Electric Lead
Guitar - Acoustic Rhythm
Elliott Randall
Great Britain

Engineering - Mastering
Engineering - Mixing
Filmscore Composition
Bruce Brody
United States

1 Man Band / Full Production
Filmscore Composition
Devon Carpenter
United States

Deena Miller
United States

Vocals - Female Lead
Voice Over - Female
Songwriting - Lyrics
Kevin Cadogan
United States

Songwriting - Coaching
Guitar - Acoustic Rhythm
Songwriting - Melody
Darrell 'DIGGA' Branch
United States

1 Man Band / Full Production