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StudioTraxx provides instant access to a vast global network of musicians-for-hire that are ready to work and collaborate via the web. As an online music production outsourcing solution, StudioTraxx aims to reduce recording costs while increasing song quality. For those that don't need to find and hire musicians but simply need an efficient way to manage studio files with existing collaboration partners, StudioTraxx also provides online private collaboration areas.

Launched in March 2007, StudioTraxx is focused on creating new work opportunities for studio musicians while providing competitive music production outsourcing solutions to artists, labels, and others. Featured in leading industry publications such as Music Connection, Mix Magazine, Premier Guitar, and the Country Music Association's CMA Close Up, StudioTraxx has become a valuable music industry resource.

StudioTraxx was founded and developed by an independent singer/songwriter who also has an extensive professional background in business, project management, and web technology. The result is a streamlined e-commerce solution that facilitates the entire music production process from beginning to end — from finding and booking the right talent to managing all resulting collaboration activities.

With StudioTraxx all collaboration is done offline in the comfort of each party's own studio with finished music files exchanged via the StudioTraxx collaboration website. Bells and whistles aside, the heart and soul of StudioTraxx is its talented music professional network. StudioTraxx is committed to making it possible for bands, solo artists, groups, songwriters, producers, and managers to tap a large talent pool consisting of thousands of highly skilled music professionals from all over the world who can make a positive contribution to a song. The depth of ready-to-work talent is simply unprecedented!

For additional information, please visit the FAQ page.

"Hands down this is the most comprehensive service dedicated to the organization of online music collaborations. The artist and musicians involved with are professional and dedicated to providing quality work. I will be using for many of my future projects!"

Courtney Baynes, Music Producer
New York City, USA

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